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Xilium is Born in the City of Love

Iloilo City, Philippines – the place Xilium calls home. As you might already know, Xilium is a Philippine Virtual Assistant company. So, the question left is, why of all the places in the Philippines was Iloilo chosen to be the seat of this growing company?

For all its almost five years, we can say that Xilium is still a toddler when it comes to the BPO industry. Although, this is by no means that Xilium does not compete with its predecessors! For exactly this competitive reason, Iloilo was chosen as the headquarters. This is why Xilium was born in the City of Love.

Xilium: Making a Company, Building a Family

Day 1

7:30 A.M. – XPS HQ. Sporting colorful beachwear, burdened with heavy backpacks, and glowing with excitement, team XPS was ready to invade Guimaras Island.
8:00 A.M. – Ortiz Wharf. Under the scorching morning sun, we arrived at the wharf to be swallowed by the long queue of fellow vacationers. With our heavy packs and food supplies, we waited for our turn as sweat dripped from our faces.

From the Noggin

Meet The VAs

How’s your Xilium experience?

Knowing the history of a company is not enough as basis for your trust in their service. It is just as important to learn how the people working for that company feel towards it. Finding out the driving force that encourages them to do their work efficiently is your assurance that your business will be well taken care of.

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On Summer Experiences and Team Buildings

Building a team is no walk in the park, so why not do it through fun activities in the summer?

Medical Virtual Assistants

Developing Careers and Growing Relationships

What is it like to be a new person in a company that highly values team work and collaboration?


“Sheryl does a fantastic job of keeping up with an endless array of medical records that need to be reviewed.”

~ Dr. Lewis for Sheryl

“Levie has been a sweetheart on the phone. Repeating calls despite the fact she had done her task. Keeping me up to speed on what is due (and overdue). All while maintaining a calm demeanor and professional attitude.”

~ Dr. Lewis for Levie

“Alexa is fantastic at juggling very testy patients and the demands of a high volume practice.”

~ Dr. Lewis for Alexa

“I want to commend you on a very good job. Your work has been very good lately!”

~ Bruce for Tru

“Our client Alexander is thrilled with the amount the team was able to recover for him and wishes to give a bonus. Yay! The worker will be rewarded for the work done but the rest of the team also shares in the unexpected surprise because it is also a function of luck that Alexander had so much to recover in the first place. Everyone is working hard and deserves to be congratulated and recognized. But thanks to Rodney big time!”

~ Cynthia for Rodney and the Xilium Team

“Angelo, I want to applaud you for catching these mistakes and for responding the way you have. Excellent job.”

~ Anthony for Angelo

“Kenneth has been doing a fantastic job so far for us! We are happy with his progress and sincerity at work. In addition, we are thankful to Xilium Online management for great cooperation and extraordinary effort on managing our VA!”

~ John Watson for Kean

“Yes I did not realize that Ariann has been with us for a year. Ariann has been an integral part of this company. She has gone above and beyond my expectation whenever I have asked. She has been the backbone to this practice. Patients have always commented on how nice the staff is, including the person who answered the phone. I even get great comments online in reference to this. I’m hoping that she continues to stay with us for many more years.”

~ Dr. Sheila for Ariann