Developing Careers and Growing Relationships

Shelurace May Golez & Jennifer Sartorio, Medical Virtual Assistants

What was your opinion on Xilium when you first learned about it? What made you want to apply, apart from wanting a job, of course?

Shelurace: At first, I thought Xilium was just one of those companies offering people night jobs. Like any other BPO company where you sit in a cubicle getting all the work done, I thought it would be where I’ll get paid to earn millions worth of bags under my eyes. What made me want to apply? Simple, I was being offered a job related to my profession. Xilium brought me closer to the opportunities that made use of my license as a nurse, even without practicing as one. And here, it’s not just jobs that they offer, I’m given an extension of my home – a family.

Jennifer: My first opinion was that Xilium is a very serious and a very professional company, basing on just the name. I decided to apply because I felt that it could be the company that I was looking for.

How about the staff, what was your first impression on them when you first met them? Was there anyone who made a mark on you? Why?

Shelurace: From the interview up to the first orientation day, everyone was so accommodating. They were open for questions, and they’re always willing to help.

Jennifer: I found the staff friendly and accommodating. The first one that I noticed was Juvy because I was able to talk to her on the phone during my initial phone interview. She made a mark because she was very friendly and bubbly.

Being new in Xilium, how was your experience during the team building? Were the staff as accommodating and fun as you thought they would be?

Shelurace: Having to participate in a group challenge with people you just met was kind of awkward, but coming late to the team building activity was embarrassing.  Still, I never felt unwelcome or left out. The team warmly welcomed us latecomers, with food no less. We rested for a while, then participated in every game left. Some of them had to give up their spot in the teams to give way for us. It was a sacrifice greatly appreciated.

Jennifer: I found it fun, plus I learned a lot about the company and the staff. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. This was the first excursion that I went to after coming home from Saudi, and it was memorable.

Do you have any expectations or hopes for your career here in Xilium? What are they?

Shelurace: I just hope for nothing but the best, more lessons to learn, opportunities to open, clients to inquire, memories to treasure, friends to keep and more team buildings to come. 🙂

Jennifer: I expect for everyone to stay as friendly and welcoming as when I met them. I hope the company will continue growing and have more success in the future.