On Summer Experiences and Team Buildings

Kristian Eldie Nogra & Nikki Ben Malit,  Amazon Seller Virtual Assistants

What’s your best summer experience?  Why?

Kristian: My best summer experience was with Xilium – my new solid, ecstatic family. Before Xilium, I was a law student bombarded with thick books and sleepless nights. I was getting tougher and yet, not living my life to the fullest. I wanted something more, something that can make me contented, alive and active (trampoline style). Being a part of Xilium was the best answer. The best summer experience of my 2016 is, of course, because of Xilium.

Nikki: I’m more of a family guy so I would say the best summer experience has been seeing my children learn to do things around the house. For example, our one-year old now sweeps the front of our house(!) and our 6-year old has made it part of his daily routine to water our plants. These things may seem boring on paper, I know, but it’s actually a beautiful thing – seeing little children come to like responsibility. They actually enjoy it.

What’s your most memorable Xilium experience so far? Why?

Kristian: To belong in a company where people treat each other as brothers and sisters is probably hard to achieve, but which Xilium has always exemplified. Enjoying the company and vibe of each other, or sharing silly and R-18 jokes, and exhibiting mutualism like when we eat lunch together are just some of the things I enjoy in Xilium. And oh, the unlimited coffee! Brewing coffee every afternoon at exactly 3:06 PM is also something I look forward to everyday. Haha! (Ara might have influenced me with the odd time). So, here are the little things that I remember. First, in our quarter meeting last April 4, we played games where I learned some personal facts about my colleagues and because of that I feel comfortable to be among them. Another was one lunch break when one of my colleagues, Charity, imitated an expression of a person with Down Syndrome. I laughed so much I had to gasp for air. Haha! Love you, Cha!

Nikki: I’d have to say the Team Building, and for so many reasons! For one, it was my first time stepping foot on the beautiful island of Guimaras. The whole time I was like “Am I the only one who thinks this view/this tree/this shell is INSANE?” Practically anything Guimaras ranks as super cool in my mind right now, as I’m the kind of person that’s really into nature. But probably the things that will most remain in my mind are the little conversations I’ve had with some of my mates here in Xilium. I hate sounding cheesy, but gaining insight into people’s thinking and just knowing more of what they believe and love really helps you appreciate them more, and it’s really a beautiful thing.

Basing on your answers for #s 1 & 2, what were ( your expectations for the Xilium team building?

Kristian: A strong bond was my utmost expectation as the team building’s outcome. To share the passion and drive with everyone, and to showcase our inner beast-mode in the activities, were just some of the ways we used to achieve that bond. I got to know my co-workers, from Juvy to the Amazon VAs, as well as the MVAs and the web developers, of course, the bosses – Miss V, Sir J, and Shem, plus Nong Pong and Shem’s hubby (I forgot his name ). Indeed, the team building was a success. I cannot wait for the Christmas Party this December – a season of loving and giving brought to you by XPS.

Nikki: In all honesty, I really didn’t know what to expect. That was actually my first ever team outing with any company and I was just very excited to go and experience it.

What was your fondest memory from the team building? Why? Was your expectations met or surpassed?

Kristian: My expectations were totally surpassed. I cannot think of a single fond memory because from the moment we arrived in Cabaling ’til we parted ways, we had a great experience where I can say that I was at ease. Everyone’s laughter was an evidence that we indeed had a tumultuous team building. To have our picture taken in the wooden bridge while the sky was red was amazing. The games, the moment we had the boodle fight, and the therapeutic talk of Miss V and Sir J were more than what I expected. All I can say is that maybe I didn’t get the chance to be hired in another company because it seems destiny and the universe conspired to bring me to Xilium to know you all and to make me realize that great things come to those who wait and work on it.

Nikki: Without getting into all the sappy details, I must say the conversations I’ve had with my workmates, and the opportunities to know them more are the things I cherish the most from the team building.