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Hire a virtual assistant

We provide Philippine-based, college-educated professionals as VAs to support your business. They can help with your daily tasks so you can spend more time on your business goals.

Our assistants work in our offices and are provided complete IT/Networking support, fiber internet connectivity, and full power backup with managers who have a high level of expertise in providing support to small and medium sized businesses.

Our assistants have strong English communication skills. The Philippines is one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world with 70 percent of the population fluent in English.

Here are some of the things we can help you with...

Customer Service

Let our VAs take care of your client’s queries, make follow up calls, and maintain business records.


Not everybody love numbers. Our VAs do. Let them manage the records of your business’ financial affairs.


Research could be easy but it could be time consuming too. Spend your time to what matters the most and let our VAs take care of it for you.

Schedule Management

Meeting at 8, interview at 9, doctor’s appointment at 10. Get your busy schedule organized with the help of our VA.

Social Media Management

Need someone to answer customer inquiries on your page? Let our VAs get it out of the way for you.

Travel and Accommodation Arrangements

Our VA will help get you on that flight to New York, book a hotel in Buffalo, and make sure you get a car rental for a hassle free trip.

Our rates range from $8-15/hour and packages start at 10 hours per month.
We also offer custom plans that fit your needs. Drop us a line for a free phone consultation.

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What Our Clients Say...

  These guys are great, I have been working with them for years, and they are top notch. Fast, efficient, cost-effective, friendly and more. I highly recommend them!  

Tim Tulloch

Business Owner

  I can’t thank the Xilium team enough for the hard work. They have been wonderful to work with, very pleasant, professional, and timely.  

James Schiller

Charleston SC Real Estate Agent

  I have worked with Vanessa Estrella as a project manager and now with Xilium since 2009. All tasks are completed on time, VA’s are dedicated, organized and efficient.  

Colette O’Hanlon

Kemplon Engineering

  We are a small Australian based software solutions company. The service Xilium provided us with was second to none.  

Rodney Boyd & Nicky Heath

FranchizeManager and ThinkBlink

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