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How A Small Business Virtual Assistant Facilitates Fluid Business Operations

Shake on itAs a small business virtual assistant, I’ve been working with an Australian business broker and an American business owner for 3 years now. I can say that being organized, following a systematic process, and working with a team are essential factors for successful business operations.

Businessmen have a lot of things on their plate – client meetings, financial reports, operational duties, strategic planning, marketing and promotions, etc., and having someone to take care of the time-consuming tasks that are keeping them glued to their office seats is a big relief.

Based on my experience, here are 5 ways a small business virtual assistant can help.

1. Preparing Financial Statement Reports

A virtual assistant familiar with Microsoft Excel functions and formulas, knowledgeable about Quickbooks, and has relevant accounting background can be of great help in financial statement preparation.

In my case, my business broker client often sends yearly financial reports of various businesses/companies. My client uses these financial reports to present the business to potential buyers.

The reports come from separate files and I compile them into a single spreadsheet. I also do horizontal and vertical analysis when needed. Having these financial reports into one spreadsheet, especially the Profit and Loss Statements makes yearly comparisons easier and less confusing.

2. Managing Product Order Emails

My business-owner client is selling countertop cleaning and maintenance-related products for sealing, etch, stains, pits & chips, etc. Because he offers several products, it is necessary to monitor daily product orders to properly determine individual product and overall business sales.

As a small business virtual assistant, it is part of my work to check product orders coming into a Gmail account my client has specifically assigned for me to use. Using Gmail makes the process easier and more organized as you can use email labels to distinguish the various orders coming in. I then segregate these product orders into their individual spreadsheets saved in Google Drive and shared to my client.

3. Handling Tracking Numbers and Product Shipment

My client also uses websites such as corecommerce and Amazon seller central to track product orders. Tracking numbers from various shipping couriers goes into my Gmail account. I use these tracking numbers to confirm product order shipments.

Keeping an eye for orders which don’t have tracking numbers after being received for a couple of days is a cause for concern. I report such cases to my client to avoid undelivered products and lost sales.

4. Product Sales Tally and Accounting

It is necessary to calculate monthly product sales to be able to see how the business performs and think of effective promotions, discounts, and product offers. At the end of each month, I tally the sales for each product my client is offering based on the daily data collected in the separate Google Drive spreadsheets assigned for each product.

I then enter the data gathered into Quickbooks for Accounting purposes along with purchases, deposits, transfers, and other transactions my client have forwarded to me at the end of each month.

5. Building Strong Online Presence

No one can deny the importance of online presence for a business. My business broker client knows this pretty well and utilizes the power of the internet by designating me to place business advertisements to different listing sites. This way, the businesses will have wider reach and greater exposure thereby increasing the chance that they will be sold.

My other client, on the other hand, assigns me to look for blog posts he can share on his social media accounts. He also asks me to do occasional blog writing and website updating including inserting and resizing of images in his website to make it more presentable.

These are just some of the things a small business virtual assistant can do. Virtual assistants are well trained, highly flexible, open-minded, and willing to learn new tasks. You’ll be surprised by the ingenuity that a virtual assistant can bring to the table. Such characteristics are critical to facilitate fluid business operations and success.

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