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Open Enrollment and Your Xilium Virtual Assistant

The 2018 Open Enrollment is fast approaching. From November 1, 2017 until December 15, 2017, employees are provided the opportunity to opt out of their insurance plans and search for greener pastures. This proves to be an equally jam packed time for doctors and other health practitioners – and the task can often be overwhelming. But that shouldn’t lead you to lose clients!

A Virtual Assistant may be the best solution to this situation. A virtual assistant can certainly help your business in many ways. And if grabbing a virtual assistant is on your list, go for a Xilium Virtual Assistant.

Our assistants are registered nurses in the Philippines who are stationed in highly-urbanized offices. They are equipped with the latest technology and fiber optic internet connectivity as well as power generators to ensure fast and reliable transactions. These nurses are likewise provided with full IT support ready to assist should tasks prove daunting. Managed by team leaders experienced with the rush of office life, our nurses are never too far from backup and reinforcement. Make sure that work is done on time and with quality. Our assistants are fluent in English and multi-tasking: don’t get those multiple instructions lost in translation. Our nurses comply with HIPAA standards and are regularly trained by the ICD-10 system to guarantee client information security, minimal micromanaging requirements, and the latest procedural advancements in your field.

Hiring a Xilium Virtual Assistant can be just what you need to help your business prosper throughout the 2018 Enrollment. They’ll make sure that you’re running on all cylinders come November 1st. Interested? We hope you are! Drop us a line and let’s talk about setting you up with a Xilium Virtual Assistant.

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Rey Palmares

Rey Palmares

Rey Palmares is a writer for Xilium and at the same time a student of the law in the Philippines. His work in Xilium is toward his dreams of being a lawyer and also publishing a book someday. While he is relatively new, his informative and entertaining style of writing shows that Xilium has become a home to the very shy writer.

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