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The Importance of Proper Data Administration

I have a client whose tasks involve data administration. The task calls for effective email and spreadsheet management. Email management might be easy if all you have to do is deleting spams and unwanted mails. I remember a colleague in the past whose work is only limited to such and it doesn’t even take him more than 5 minutes to delete hundreds of emails.

Email management, however, becomes tricky when you have a number of email subjects to take note, forward, sort and arrange. This is what I do on a daily basis.

My client has assigned a Google email for me to use where customer product orders go. Checking all the emails is important to be able to calculate individual product sales every end of the month. When you have hundreds of emails coming in everyday, it is but normal to get confused and miss some.

Filters and Labels

Filtering and assigning labels to emails will make the sorting process easier. To do so, just open a particular email and then click the drop down arrow button next to the reply icon. After which, click the option that says “filter messages like this.”

Assign the appropriate filter parameters. You have options such as “From”, “To”, “Subject”, “Has the words”, and “Doesn’t have” to fill up. In my case I only use the “From” field and put the email address of the message sender.

Click “Create filter with this search” at the bottom of the Filter window afterwards. This will lead you to the window where you can set up email label/labels to the particular message that you have filtered. Set up and apply label/labels you deem appropriate. Explore other options in the window which you think will be helpful.

To apply the label you have assigned to all other similar emails, just click the “Also apply filter to matching conversations.”

The beauty of filters and labels is the fact that whenever you receive an email, it will be automatically filtered and will have corresponding label/labels. This minimize the chance for the information to be mixed up.

By clicking a particular email’s label, all other messages with the same label will show up. This will lessen the chance of missed emails.

Spreadsheet Management

After all the necessary data have been collected from the email, I then copy and sort them to different spreadsheets (one for each products). Order date, Customer name, Quantity product orders, Payment method used, and Orders’ total cost have been included as spreadsheet columns.

Specific formula for product prices has been applied to reflect sales discounts whenever they happen. At the end of the month, total sales is calculated for each product as well as for each payment methods – Amazon, Google, Paypal.

Data Management as a routine task may be strenuous if you are handling multiple accounts. The trick is to come up with routine steps on how to take care and organize the data you have collected.

Whenever you see variations on the data you normally receive such as product names and product prices, ask your client immediately about the said things to understand why such differences occur and to be sure that the two of you are on the same track.

Data Administration is the starting point of a chain of processes. It is very important to handle data administration correctly to avoid complications and errors as you move along to the next stage of your business procedures.

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