Online Marketing

In today’s technologically-driven world, your customers and prospects are looking for you online. To be in front, what you need is a web presence that can launch your business and keep it moving forward.

You know you need to “get online.” You know you need a website. But how do you start and keep it running? With our online expertise at Xilium, we will help your business win in today’s world.

We provide integrated, comprehensive web services to start up a business or modernize an existing one. We provide turn-key online marketing, web sites, email, security and web applications, combined to create an online presence to promote your products and services—all for more leads and sales.

Online Marketing Services

  • On-Page Optimization – Proper handling of page content, meta-titles, meta-keywords, and meta-descriptions
  • Off-Page Optimization – Developing and implementing link building and social media campaigns
  • Content Development – Developing and publishing content using, WordPress blogs, and other blogging platforms.
    • Page content
    • Blogs
    • Press release
    • Newsletter
  • Search Engine Optimization – Implementing and analyzing SEO strategies using HubSpot, BrightEdge, SEOBook and other tools used by clients
  • Keyword Research – Searching for effective keywords to promote client’s website using Google AdWords, SEOBook, and other keyword tools.
  • Analytics – Setting up of metrics and analyzing them using Google Analytics and other client-preferred tools
  • Social Media Management – Promoting client’s content through various social networks
    • Social media of expertise include LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest
    • Managing social media activities via Hootsuite and TweetDeck
  • Social Bookmarking – Syndicating content through Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg and other bookmarking sites

SEO and Other Practices

The online world may seem mysterious to many businesses. How does it work? What are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing? Like traditional marketing, it is about reaching, networking and interacting with prospects. It is establishing and maintaining presence in places where your existing and prospective clients and partners are. It is being easy to find in an environment drowned in noise and crowded with people.

In this case, it’s the search engines and social media sites—where Xilium will help your business be on and guide you through.

Your Clients and Prospects Are Online

Most people over 50 now use smartphones. Many people are actively seeking your products and services. And how do they find you? They search Google looking for your product. They turn to Facebook and ask theirs friends online for advice. They read recommendations and blogs to find out who they can trust. They read your website and your competitors to determine what they think fits their needs better. They send emails to inquire about more information on your product.

The packages above put you in these places so your sales prospects see you.

Your Competitors Are Online

Within a few short years, you can consider that everyone is online. This includes your competitors. You don’t want to give them a long lead with their online network. Standing still and passively observing trends and activities do not make a successful business. So let your clients know you are out there. Actively remind them about you by being the same places they go.

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