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eGrowth Partners’ (eGP) Assistants provide Get Clean Stay Clean (GCSC) services. Maintenance of a healthy account through removal of negative feedback, constant checking of performance notifications, active updates on tracking sheets, and regular improvements in listings and other administrative tasks are some of the functions of eGP Assistants that could contribute to business efficiency of Amazon sellers. Furthermore, eGP Assistants also prepare and send assessment and Canary Reports thus, keeping sellers updated with their respective accounts.

How eGP Assistants Help Your Business

eGP Assistants possess expertise and knowledge on all administrative aspects of an Amazon seller business. Trained to be seller-oriented, they can keenly inspect and focus attention on issues and details pertinent to the business. Proactive in problem-solving, assistants can preempt possible obstacles that may arise, thus, avoiding setbacks in the business.

These assistants can perform the following tasks:

  1. Negative Feedback Removal includes opening of cases on Amazon Seller Central to report issues and removal of negative feedback in order to maintain good Feedback Rating for the client’s account.
  2. Performance Notification covers the checking of New Policy Warnings, ASIN Suspensions, and other issues as well as the preparation of reports detailing issues and giving recommendations to clients’ personal intervention.
  3. Improve Listings entails the fixing of listing alerts for the improvement of sales and Amazon compliance.
  4. Weekly Assessment and Canary Reports require a preparation of detailed reports on Imperfect Orders, Feedback, Returns, among others and provide recommendations to resolve issues.

How Xilium and Cynthia Stine Protect Your Business

Xilium, in partnership with Cynthia Stine, has developed a collaborative team structure with escalating levels of expertise that enable them to deal with the demands of maintaining an Amazon account. Amazon, being a disciplined and efficient organization, excels at logistics, distribution, and customer service – all these are managed through corralling a large group of sellers.

This partnership was able to create a mini-business ecosystem where sellers can succeed not based on their ability to market and sell people’s wants but in the exhibiting of excellent customer service.

The Get Clean and Stay Clean is not just about ensuring excellent customer service; it is also about keeping your account updated.

Cynthia Stine

Cynthia Stine started as a part-time seller at in 2010. At present, she helps fellow sellers in keeping their accounts clean while being active in selling, acting as consultant, and writing about

Possessing a strong business background gives her a realistic and optimistic perspective in selling on Amazon. Her blog, and free Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) Library provide ongoing support for online sellers.

The year 2015 marked the launching of her reinstatement services which has helped suspended Amazon sellers to get back to business.  Her book, “Suspension Prevention: Get Reinstated and Protect Your Amazon Seller Account,” shares with sellers her various experiences which she had learned a lot from, using these as empowerment and motivation for them to clean up their accounts before getting suspended by Amazon.

Having developed the system Get Clean Stay Clean, she approached Xilium with the idea of staffing this service. Xilium added its process, development, and training expertise in creating a collaborative team process of supporting clients. If you want to learn more about Cynthia and our other services, sign up! Visit the Get Clean Stay Clean site now.


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