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What Our Clients Say

These guys are great, I have been working with them for years, and they are top notch. Fast, efficient, cost-effective, friendly and more. I highly recommend them!

Tim Tulloch
Business Owner,

I can’t thank the Xilium team enough for the hard work. They have been wonderful to work with, very pleasant, professional, and timely. It is nice to know I have a team of assistants with experience in the field of work I am looking for that is reliable AND with reasonable pricing. It makes my business much more effective to have such a wonderful staff along my side. Keep up the hard work, and I look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.

James Schiller
Charleston SC Real Estate Agent, James Schiller Realtor

I have worked with Vanessa Estrella as a project manager and now with Xilium since 2009. Vanessa was always a very thorough and dedicated PM and now with Xilium I have had the pleasure of working with her company with the same results. All tasks are completed on time, VA’s are dedicated, organized and efficient. I will continue to work with Xilium where needed as my business grows. I would also recommend this company to anyone looking to hire an assistant without having the headache of managing personnel as this is all taken care of by Xilium management.

Colette O’Hanlon
Kemplon Engineering, Kemplon Engineering

I have been enormously impressed with the staff and management of Xilium. They give new meaning to the word “professionalism,” and I recommend them highly

Tom Cary
NC Gutter Guys Inc.,

We are a small Australian based software solutions company. We’re growing rapidly and it’s become evident we can’t perform all the projects and tasks ourselves any more. We regularly hire overseas contractors for bits and pieces and have also had experience with VA’s, however, the service Xilium provided us with was second to none. Their constant communication skills were excellent, and their prompt response to feedback was outstanding. The results in the job we contracted them to perform was of a high level and they were an absolute professional pleasure to deal with. We hope to continue our working relationship with them.

Rodney Boyd & Nicky Heath
FranchizeManager and ThinkBlink,

Calm competence. Working with Vanessa and others at Xilium the last few months has brought with it a great deal of calm. And calm and startup do not usually go together. We have so many balls we are juggling with a small staff. It makes a world of difference to hand over anything that we can from our internal staff to Xilium. I describe the work that needs to be done. And it gets done in time – whether that is tracking activity, data entry, transcription, or helping us stay in flow. Vanessa and her team have delivered consistently. They seem calm about it. I feel calm about it. I feel less overwhelmed. What a relief! Thank you, Vanessa!

Jean Russell
Personal Data Ecosystem Consortium, www.pde.cc

Xilium has provided us with cloud management, programming and client support. The staff’s English skills are excellent and enable us to do video conference calls to discuss designs and implementation details. This is an improvement over some of our other outsourcing locations that can really only communicate with email. We are currently in the process of shifting more of our outsourcing tasks to Xilium.

U.S. Logistics Software Provider,

In our business it was getting hard for us to accomplish so much work with only 2 workers, so hiring Xilium made a world of sense. Trying to run a small business is a very tricky thing, trying to manage multiple workers while getting your own work done was an uphill battle. There is no way we could reach the level we have in business without expanding our workforce with Xilium. It’s great because it has grown with us. As we have expanded, they have too. Xilium takes dreams from bedrooms to boardrooms.

Cyrus Igono
Owner, Gadsen Records and Social Sculpting

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