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What we are doing…

BAYANIHAN - A Filipino word derived from the term bayan meaning community. In times of calamity, this Filipino value of communal unity and cooperation always resurfaces.

BAYANIHAN – A Filipino word derived from the term bayan meaning community. In times of calamity, this Filipino value of communal unity and cooperation always resurfaces.

Hello, and thank you for looking into our relief efforts. We are a company based in Iloilo City, Philippines organizing relief for the people of our province who are victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Our families and neighbors lost their homes, livelihoods, and loved ones.

There is no electricity in the affected areas and local government said that it might take two months to be restored. We are putting together relief packages to give to each family and will include rice, canned goods, noodles and biscuits, candles and matches, and clean water for drinking.

We started this drive on November 11 and have received generous donations from people mostly from the US and to whom we are grateful. In less than 12 hours we were able to receive cash donations greater than anticipated. Some friends also donated 5 boxes of canned goods, 5 sacks of rice, 3 boxes of noodles, candles, and used clothes.

As of this writing, our monetary donation collected is now at $5,479 (PhP219,177.00) which was able to provide relief to 1,888 families in Northern Iloilo and the province of Capiz and 200 elementary students in San Dionisio, Iloilo.  Total expenses incurred is PhP217,345.00. The excess of PhP1,832.00 was donated to the school children of Aningalan Elementary School in San Remegio, Antique.

What’s happening now…

14 December 2013

kids-eating-during-the-haiyan-relief-operation happy-kids-receiving-the-relief-goods haiyan-relief-operations-school-supplies kids-eating-inside-the-classroom-during-the-haiyan-relief-operation

Our team gave some school supplies to the schoolchildren. This consists of a bag, notebooks, paper, storybook, pencils, and other materials. We also provided snacks for the kids.

kids-falling-in-line-for-the-games-and-distribution-of-goods kids-waiting

Kids were waiting when we arrived. We learned that they had been there for almost 3 hours, so what was supposed to be an afternoon affair was done at 10:30 AM so we couldn’t break their excitement.

Conchita Elementary School in San Dionisio badly affected by Typhoon Haiyan school-destroyed-by-typhoon-haiyan

On Saturday, we visited Conchita Elementary School in San Dionisio, Iloilo and conducted a Christmas Party for 200 schoolchildren. The school is badly damaged and only 4 classrooms are left and used by the hundreds of kids going there. Currently, students from Kindergarten to Grade 3 hold classes in the morning while Grades 4 – 6 students have their turns in the afternoon.

23 November 2013

mother mother2

This mother touched our hearts. She cried upon receiving a relief pack from the team. “Thank you, Lord for the blessing!” she said. She cried even more when she was given the sleeping mat and used boxes as these could help them a lot in beating the cold of the night.

roadside11 distri6 distri5 distri4 distri3 distri2

More photos from our relief efforts in Capiz. Our volunteers went from house to house and chatted with the folks.

roadside10 roadside9 roadside8 roadside7 roadside6 roadside5 roadside4 roadside3 roadside2 roadside1

It was raining when we hit the road to Capiz, but nothing could stop us from doing what we should. The sight along the way was just heartbreaking that we decided to stop by the houses on the roadside and nearby areas and gave out some relief packs.

electricity2 electricity1

Power supply is still a problem, and it will take 2 months or longer to restore it. It’s good to know that power providers are doing their best to fix it.

capiz1 capiz2

We went to the province of Capiz on Saturday and distributed the second batch of relief goods we gathered from our donors. This time was more intimate as we had the chance to go to people’s houses and check on their situations. We stopped at Brgy. San Jose, Roxas City and dropped about 200 packs for the affected families.

20 November 2013

packing2 packing4

Our volunteers are done packing the goods! We are ready for this weekend’s relief effort.

19 November 2013

more donations

Donations in cash and in kind keep on coming. The team has also planned the second leg of our relief effort. Our destination: the province of Capiz which was 80-85% damaged by the typhoon. Capiz is 136 KM away from Iloilo City where Xilium is located.

17 November 2013

help us

This was a heart-wrenching sight for all of us while we’re on the way to our target destination. THEY BADLY NEED OUR HELP. We threw some candies…. then we saw the sincerest smiles and heard the best thank-yous!


This is the house of a former village Secretary after Haiyan. She is now 64 years old and is badly ill. She can hardly see as well. She lives with her husband but they have no children. The couple was so blessed that they have kind neighbors who allowed them to stay in their home.

bed-ridden bed-ridden2

Some volunteers needed to pass this trail to get to the homes of two old and bedridden residents who couldn’t go to the distribution area of the relief goods. On the right photo is Lola Maria. She is bedridden and lives with her son in their “barong-barong” (nipa hut). When Haiyan struck, half of their house was totally damaged while the other half, fortunately survived. That’s Leika with her, one of our volunteers.


Their “Salamat” or thank you expressed in the sincerest way possible is more than enough to keep us going.

sidewalk4 sidewalk2 sidewalk3 sidewalk

On our way, we spotted kids and adults standing along the road asking for food. You can see their excitement when we throw candies, crackers, and other food to them. Too bad we only brought a few. We will surely bring more next time.


Distribution of relief goods was done successfully through the help of village leaders. It was done systematically so every family gets a relief pack. In Estancia, we were assisted by Mr. JR Banias and Mrs. Lalaine Isugon. The people patiently waited and everything went well.

t4 t3 t2 t1tanza2 tanza1

One of the villages we visited was the coastal area of Tanza, Estancia. Folks said the seawater got as high as 30 ft, making majority of the houses along the shore destroyed. What made their situation worse is the oil spill caused by the National Power Corporation’s power barge that was damaged at the height of the typhoon.

generator 2 generator

Lack of power supply is another problem of residents in the towns we visited. We brought a generator so people could charge their flashlights and phones even only for a short time.

distribution distribution 2

The first area we visited was Gawad Kalinga village in Concepcion. Our volunteers Shem, Sheral, Kay, Zarah, and Joven distributing the goods.

truck loaded

Today we delivered the relief goods 2 villages in Concepcion and another 2 in Estancia. The trip was great, it rained on our way and we thought it was just a blessing from the heavens.

15 November 2013


These are good to go! We are all excited to share these goods packed in eco-bags!

teens helping

We thought at first that it was impossible to finish everything before the night falls. But we were wrong. More hands came, and we were done by 4PM. Thanks to these teens who lent a helping hand.


Young and old alike helped today. Pong invited his elder sister and niece to help us out.

girlsShem (middle), Angela, and Tasha are busy packing. Shem is one of the active members who helped in the donation drive.

AngelaAngela (left), one of our assistants, invited her friend, Tasha to help. Their task: sorting the clothes.

van and freddiezarah and friends

One of the things we like about activities like this is we get to meet and talk with our friends we seldom see. On the left photo, Vanessa chats with Freddie, a former colleague. On the right is Zarah (middle) who brought her 2 friends to help.


We spent the whole day packing the relief stuff. It wouldn’t have been possible without the help of these people.

dan sheen2

Today, we gave some relief packs to 2 recipients. One is Joven’s friend, Sheen Salamaña (right) from Tanza, Estancia, Iloilo. She is the youth leader of their village and she shared that people there are all craving for food as relief efforts from both government and non-government organizations don’t reach their area. She also showed us some photos of the damage caused by the typhoon, and that includes dead bodies lying on the shoreline. Another one is Dan Bayogo (left) from Concepcion.

14 November 2013


These are some of what we are sharing to our beneficiaries. Each pack contains instant noodles, canned food, bottled water, and crackers. To be added to this set are used clothes, candles, and matches.

unloading unloading2

Pong, Joven, Erwin, and Francis helped in unloading the boxes.


We were all surprised at how far the donations have come. This fully loaded truck has 1,000 packs of goods for the victims. According to SM City staff, we have the most number of packed items for haiyan victims.


And the truck full of goods has arrived.


These are used clothes for all ages donated by a lot our friends.


We’ve invited friends to come over and help us pack the donated rice.


The first batch of our donations: 20 sacks of rice, 3 boxes of noodles, and used clothes.

13 November 2013

Iloilo map

This is a partial map of Iloilo. Xilium is based in Iloilo City, highlighted in red on the map. Our first mission is to deliver relief to Estancia, one of the northernmost towns in this map beside Carles, which has the highest number of casualties at 78 and counting.

12 November 2013

House wrecked by typhoonThis is a photo shared by Vanessa’s friend. This is her Uncle and his house behind was wiped out by the storm.

Family missing from typhoon haiyan   baby

This is the wife and kids of Oscar Javier Jr. They live in Tacloban City, the hardest hit by the storm. The entire city is wiped out with about 4,000 people dead as of Nov. 15. They have been missing for 1 week and they were only found last Thursday.

School damaged by typhoon

This is a school in Batad, one of the provinces seen on the map. Even schools as big as this are now wrecked causing for schools to be suspended indefinitely.

church damaged

This is a church in Capiz. What used to be a beautiful place for worship is totally wiped out by the typhoon.

rice field gone    rice field 2

Farming is the main source of income in these places. Unfortunately, even rice fields were not spared. Very tragic since it was harvest season when the typhoon ravaged Iloilo.

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