Medical Virtual Assistants

We understand the importance of cost-efficiency, doctor-patient interaction, and physician satisfaction in any medical practice. So, if you don’t want to compromise one for the other, our Virtual Medical Assistants will assist you!

We have Medical VAs who are not only degree holders but are Registered Nurses who had undergone hospital experience. If desired, we also have Medical Doctors.

Our assistants are process-oriented, HIPAA-compliant professionals who can focus on securing quality service and safeguarding patient data. With their presence, you not only improve patient retention or reduce attrition; you also have time to spend with family and friends without business-related worries.

Indeed, Xilium’s reliable and competent virtual assistants can help your business succeed!

Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Our Virtual Medical Assistants can perform General Administrative Tasks such as setting appointments and reminders through answering/making calls, taking charge of email correspondence and billing communications, managing your calendar, communicating pertinent information, and other office suite application tasks.

We take pride in their expertise in Electronic Medical Record (EHR/EMR) Management – ICANotes, athenahealth, Practice Fusion, among others. We also provide medical coding, billing, and accounting services.

We have also trained them in Social Media Marketing which could amply help in making your business visible, popular, and reachable through various social media sites – LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and more – which our VMAs could personally manage through scheduled posts and responses to comments and messages. Moreover, our VMAs can manage and maintain WordPress and Google Sites as well.

For more details about our VMA services, contact us or visit our Xilium Health website HERE.

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